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February 1, 2013
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Armonia APP - Talmon Dawnba UPDATE by lunixesquire Armonia APP - Talmon Dawnba UPDATE by lunixesquire
K, so far it is done! Going to get it looked at and hopefully I can get in ^^
For :iconpkmn-armonia:


Updated Application! Using the new application from the group, and with that, comes new art for Talmon. =D If the pic itself is hard to see, the pic itself can be found here!…

Talmon Dawnba


Gender: Male


28th of March



Hasty, he usually rushes into things first without thinking and comes out either happy with what happened, or upset that it wasn't what he expected (Like rushing head long into a assignment and realizing HE WAS NOT PREPARED FOR IT!)


Canalave City

A out-going, free minded Floatzel. Growing up his life mostly with his family, street friends playing basketball and other sports, Talmon is a very casual guy who see's and does things through action more than anything else. He's not afraid to say his opinions, even if they are wrong or right which he'll accept either case. If there is a time he believes something is wrong or right but other's disagree, he will fight back as much as possible, not wanting to give in that easily.

However he has the tendency to say and see things too quickly, and react them too quickly with little preparation or thought. Hence why in this year of Armonia, he failed his exams cause he "thought" he was gona be alright right off the bat, but when the time came he got hit hard. This also includes when talking or doing stuff with students where he follows his own pace too much and leaves others a bit behind.

All in all, very out-going, energetic and bright, but too hasty in situations, which can be both annoying and dangerous in many situations.

Talmon is a free-minded, active Floatzel that has no floating-ring.

Talmon was born in Canalave City in a very average family, his father a simple fisher-men, his mother a gentle, calm but somewhat bossy house-wife, and 2 older brothers, both who has already left the city to work elsewhere.

Talmon at first was planning to take on his father’s work on becoming a fisherman, to go swimming out with the other workers of the city and catch the fish in the sea to sell at the markets. Being the youngest it was something he thought he was meant to do. These ideals changed at the age of 10 when he went on a family vacation to the nearest beach with his entire family and friends. Like all Floatzels and water-type pokemons, they went head first into the ocean, swimming and splashing around like happy puppies in the water…Talmon did not enjoy it. He didn’t enjoy the feeling of water around him as much as his own kind, but instead find out he enjoyed being out in the sun, on the firm ground and run around there. Though he was teased by his brother’s and said thing as how “A Floatzels on land is not gona float for long.” In another word, a Floatzel JUST living on land can only go so far.

Talmon didn’t care for he enjoyed feeling the air and fresh wind around him, no restriction of water around him, but running on his own two legs. Getting rid of the floating-ring and giving it back to his parent (which is something most Floatzel family does, to give their children the float-ring), he moved onto doing sport on land, which lead to him enjoying the sport of Basketball the most. No tools, no racquets or nets but the single basketball, 2 hoops, and the open court to run and play within with little restriction.

However one problem did occur with from, and it was that he had the tendency to rush into things and not follow the rules. Having learnt most sports on the streets and with friends with no coach or rules, his parents saw that Talmon didn’t follow most rules, not just in sports, but sometimes in house-holds and other small things in life. Realizing this was NOT, a good start to Talmon’s life, they decided a good change was needed along with his current one, schooling.

It didn’t take long for Talmon’s parents to find the name Armonia spread out in their city, and was surprised to find it had little trying to make Talmon go, for Talmon found this “Armonia” place a good and in his word, an “O-Some!” place to play sports. With a nod and smile his parents sent in a application form to Armonia, hoping this institution will teach Talmon not just sports, but other important lessons needed to get through life.

Summary characteristic:
Strong-Willed, leading to being someone who doesn't like giving up and not trying. If there's somethings need to be done one way or another, better to go head-first and see what happens, and keep trying. This usually leads to him being one of the most "Annoying" and "Pushy" types.

- Sports (Mostly basketball)
- Outdoor activity, such as tramping, hiking, camping, etc
- Dancing/Singing
- (More to come)

- Double-Hit, useful in basketball for a good, solid defense in basketball.
- Aqua Jet, a signature move that all Floatzel learns naturally. Can't be helped.
- Surf, he doesn't hate being in water, but still, surf still lets him feel the wind in his face while on the water.
- Double-Team, a handy move to have in basketball when being offensive.

Favourite Berry Flavor:


School Schedual:
Math II
Health and Sex Ed.


Fun facts:
- Is quite a morning person.
- Has the tendency to rush into things without doing proper research/preparation.
- Swimming to him is a "meh" unlike other Floatzels
- He's fairly Ambidextrous, being both right and left handed.
- He does not have his Float-ring like all the Floatzels
- Talmon doesn't fight much, but he is fit and has some strength.
- Talmon isn't angered that easily, insults to him directly is easily ignored. Insults to friends he tries and clears, but if gone far he will become somewhat forceful.
- In basketball he excells at dribbling, 3-pointers and trick shots (Behind the back, Fadeaway, etc). Playing basketball on the streets, he does alot of tricky moves. Unfortunately he's yet to manage a slam-dunk.
- After the Exams, Talmon's currently trying a bit harder in studying. He still does sports, but in his spare times he attempts to study.
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